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Accountant and sculptor Junia has settled into a small town after accepting that her amnesia cannot be cured. Her life is uprooted when a noble's son attempts to kidnap her from her home, believing she is captive against her will. Shocked to find that his alleged fiancée no longer remembers him, he vows to convince her to return home with him, even if they must forge a relationship from scratch.

Alloys Over Flowers is a visual novel made for NaNoRenO 2019, a month-long game jam themed around the Ren'py game engine.


Junia, an amnesiac woman, works to sculpt the grandiose art of her dreams.

Owen, the son of Viscount Vanderbilt, will stop at nothing to convince his past fiancée to return home with him.

Marcus, a skilled small-town blacksmith, values nothing more than caring for his bedridden father.


The game contains 1,960 dialogue blocks, containing 20,560 words and 111,605 characters, for an average of 10.5 words and 57 characters per block. The game contains 5 unique character images, a total of 42 character sprites, and 1 CG. The game contains 3 possible endings.

Expected playtime: 1 - 1.5 hours.


Elowan: Writer, programmer
Sxilin: Artist, GUI designer
María Mariano: Spanish translator
(Special thanks to Sky and Duck Life!)


Version 1.10 — Added Spanish translation, accessible via Settings menu.
Version 1.01 — Updated executable's directory organization.
Version 1.00 — Added choices and multiple endings. Major text changes.
Version 0.93 — Added background music.
Version 0.92 — Added CG. Fixed graphical bugs. Minor text changes.
Version 0.91 — Fixed major bug where character sprites from previous scene would remain in next scene.
Version 0.90 — Initial release of fully functional game.


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AlloysOverFlowers-1.10-linux.tar.bz2 91 MB

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Spanish translation????!!!!!?!!?!? thank you so much!!!!! <3

Awww, this was surprisingly cute. When I read the blurb for the novel, my mind immediately jumped to a darker plot, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised :p Owen was a better ML than I thought he'd be--I really liked him by the end of the game, and the Leave ending was super satisfying! His eyes were super pretty, for some reason. I think it's the color and shape that does it for me.

Good job >o<


My name is Lina, I'm team leader of russian fan made group "VNka": https://vk.com/vnkavk

We translate japanese and english visual novels to russian.

Our group have many finished projects: https://vndb.org/p11146

I really like your otome novel "Alloys Over Flowers".

Can you give us a permission to translate that one to russian?


This was a really cute game! I kinda thought that Marcus would be more important to the story, since most other characters either don't have sprites or look like Percival. That said, I'm glad that the game didn't go in the direction of a love triangle or anything, having Owen and Junia as the focus was good. I also thought that the "I have a bad feeling about Percival" thing was going somewhere, but I guess not? I also wish we got to see a bit more of the town and Junia's connections to everyone.


Thank you so much for the feedback! I absolutely agree and would have loved to spend additional time on Marcus's role in the story, as well as fleshing out Junia's relationships to others in the town. If I were to redo the story of Alloys Over Flowers outside of NaNoRenO's 30-day time constraint, those would be some of the top priority improvements on my list. 

I'm super happy to hear that you enjoyed Alloys Over Flowers -- thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts on the game! <3


I played this a week ago after midnight, so I didn't get to leave a review after finishing it. Once I read the plot of the game, I was instantly intrigued. A noble's son is basically re-wooing his amnesiac fiancée. Definitely an interesting premise.

I didn't expect to like Owen so much. Rich, snobby people aren't my thing, but he was so respectful of Julia and their chemistry really shone. I was surprised by his reaction in both high affection endings. (Couldn't bring myself to get the low affection ending. Haha) I wish the two of them have a happy life, whether they stay together or live apart.

You did a really great job during the game jam!

Thank you so much, this is so wonderful! <3 I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the game, and it's really amazing to hear your thoughts on the relationship between Junia and Owen. Thank you for your feedback!


Really enjoyed this game! :D

I'm so happy to hear that - thank you so much! <3


bruh my mind is completely blown away by how good this is. makes me all giddy inside just thinking about it :) and probably one of my favorite VNs ive ever played, everything is perfect with the adorable art and storyline, and definitely better than expected. you have no idea how grateful i am to be so lucky to ever come across this game. my favorite character is probably owen (i didnt expect to be this attached to him), but i loved every other character too ahh! and thanks, you successfully made me, literally cry for real in real life when i chose the ending where i decided to stay (πーπ)

T__T  Thank you so much! This is so sweet! <3 I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game, thank you for taking the time to share your lovely thoughts on it :)


Hello Elowan! Do you have an email where I can contact you? I'd like to talk to you about the possibility of translating Alloys Over Flowers into Spanish :)

Thank you so much, it's incredibly flattering to hear that you're interested in a Spanish translation of Alloys Over Flowers.

I am not currently looking to commission any translations, as the cost and scope of localization tends to be high for our free visual novels. However, if you'd like to reach out for any reason, please feel free to email me at elowangames@gmail.com!


i love this game... do u happen to have a bgm track list (つ✧ω✧)つ


Thank you so much — I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the game! 

Sure thing, here's the track list in chronological order.


I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCCCHHHHH. I played this game a week ago but I still love it even now! My favourite character was definitely Owen, I really admired his honesty and how respectful he was with Junia's wishes, and the music that played during Owen's stay ending (high affection) is definitely beloved by me. Aaahh I love this game.

Thank you so much!! I am so happy to hear that you loved the game and that Owen came across just as we intended. <3

All of the music in this game is Creative Commons, and the track that played during Owen's stay ending was composed by the extremely talented Dexter Britain. You can find this song here in his Creative Commons Volume 2, Track 5, Seeing The Future.


Three endings?! Oh my. What am I missing?!

I played this four times, I got two endings. I'm not sure what's the third one. Help. XD

Anyway, I really liked this.


Hey, thank you so much! It's really awesome to hear you liked it and wanted to replay it four times. :-)

Regarding the endings, here's a quick guide to unlocking all three!

Leave ending: Have high affection with Owen and choose to leave with him when presented the choice. This ending unlocks a CG as well.

Stay ending (high affection): Have high affection with Owen and choose to stay when presented the choice.

Stay ending (low affection): Have low affection with Owen. Junia will automatically choose to stay, so there is no choice involved.

Not all of the dialog choices affect affection between Junia and Owen ⁠— many of them are just regular conversation. These are the choices that raise affection with Owen:
- "Yes." (+1)
- "I don't think Emeline would've run." (+1)
- "Don't worry, I definitely want to go to the festival with everyone." (+1)
- "I asked to know, and I'd do it again." (+2)

Good luck, and thank you again for your support! <3


Ohhh. I got it! Thank you~


this is so cute and I really enjoyed it. as someone who has trust issue I couldn't believe I took the owen ending haha. good story and dialogue. although i wish there's more character sprite(?) (I only see like 4??) anyways thank you!!

Thank you so much! It's really amazing to hear that. <3

With regards to the character sprites, there are 5 unique sprites and 42 total expressions (the last unique sprite is Marcus's father, who appears briefly near the end of the story). We would've loved to have more character sprites, but we wanted to limit our scope for NaNoRenO's 30-day time constraint!

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)

I'm really happy because this game only focus on Owen hahaha. This game IS perfect because it only focus Owen to my opinion... Ppl can't throw the past away that easily despite how much they enjoy the new life. And choose the new life is just ... irresponsible to the whole long life before your amnesia.


It's always super awesome to hear the perspectives of players and the choices they make ⁠— one of the most beautiful things about visual novels is that your beliefs and choices can change the path of the story. I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, and the ability to choose to return with Owen.

Thank you so much for your feedback! <3


No, thank YOU for make such a precious OC like Owen. He just... too good to be real. His whole life at risk but he won't forced Junia to go with him, he would let her come back to visit and not ask for children, and he bravely face his problem in the stay ending instead of running away. It would be damn selfish of Junia to let Owen lose his everything to life her peaceful, dreamy life, just because "I'm not remember it". Engaged to Emelia is the reason he got to this hug mess anyw, if the engaged ruin Emelia life (which is not) - it ruin Owen's as much as well. I would accept go back with Owen even if I'm not love him.

Sorry for my rambling, I'm just... so hype about it. And sorry for my poor English as well... ^^"


I don't know why but I expected this game to be boring. It was anything but boring. The story was awesome and emotional. The characters feel fully rounded and are super cute. I actually sat at my desk, staring at the ceiling for 5 minutes at the final choice because I just couldn't decide. 100% recommend playing.

Thank you so much for your feedback — I'm glad to hear that you ended up enjoying the game, and especially that you found the final choice so meaningful! ♡(‘∀’ /)


As I already said, I'm glad to have played this game. Thanks for making a Linux version! The Linux gaming community is glad... really! Great art, plot and a powerful heroine. 

I got the best ending even after saying something rude to him. It was nice to relate to a strong character compared to other visual novel-dating sim protagonists.

I hope you make many more games in the future!


Thank you so much! I'm incredibly happy you enjoyed the game and took the time to leave this heartwarming review ♡(‘∀’ /) It's amazing to hear that you enjoyed relating with Junia and see her as a strong character.

personally if I were in her shoes I would probably also say something rude to Owen

It's also awesome to hear you enjoyed playing through the Linux version. While Linux editions tend to receive fewer downloads than Windows or Mac equivalents, we think it's important to make games accessible where possible.

Again, thank you so much for your feedback! <3


absolutely adored this game!! the art, the music, the storyline; it was all incredibly enjoyable. 

Thank you!!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that, and really appreciate that you took the time to leave feedback for us


Such a cute game, I had a lot of fun playing it! 


Thank you so much! We're glad to hear it :-)


i thought it was going to be a choice between marcus and owen too XD i was kind of hoping for an ending where we run away with owen or something, and i would have liked to see more of an epilogue after the final choice. i understand the time constraints, tho. this was quite good!


Thank you for your feedback! If by run away with Owen, you mean leave the village with him, this ending is in the game! To unlock it, Junia must have high affection with Owen. 

More scenes after the final choice is something we'll make sure to do in our future games! Emotional payoff in the endings is super important.


no, i got that ending, i meant run away as in abandon their obligations to their families, but together.


Ah, I see. That's an ending we would've liked to include if we had made this outside the bounds of NaNoRenO!


How is it possible to love Owen so much? TwT. I love this game so much. Thank you making a such a good game. I'm looking forward to your future projects.


P.S: After I got the endings, my mind just drifted off the next possibility for Junia and Owen it came to a point it became ridiculous, LOL.

Thank you so much! I'm incredibly happy you enjoyed the game so much and took the time to leave this heartwarming review ♡(‘∀’/) There's no greater compliment than that you were so absorbed in the story! 

Thank you for the support, we'll strive to make our future games even better!


I went half-way into the 0.93 ver and rly liked it! it was fun and humorous in its own way so I was excited for the 1.0 ver haha 

I got all 3 endings and my favourite one is where Junia got close to Owen but still chose to stay. It was a lot more emotional and I enjoyed the heartbreak ehehe

also I initially thought you can choose between Owen or Marcus oops haha. But I get it cos the focus is on Owen and Junia, tho mb there could be more development for Marcus even as a side character so there'll be stronger reasons to stay and it'll be harder to choose

overall, great work!!


Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad to hear someone enjoyed the stay ending more than the leave ending. >:)

We would've loved to have two routes, but had to narrow our scope for NaNoRenO's time constraints! (I definitely get how it could've been a misunderstanding given that Sxilin gave Marcus a bachelor-quality sprite, haha.) However, I absolutely agree that additional development for Marcus as a side character would've been wonderful in making Junia's decision more complex. Were I to redo this project outside of NaNoRenO's constraints, I would spend more time on Marcus's development and role in the narrative.

Thank you for the lovely feedback! <3


I enjoyed it! I gave my full thoughts at Lemmasoft, but this was a sweet little game that I enjoyed more than expected. Good job! ^^


Is this your review? Thank you so much for the incredibly detailed feedback, particularly the constructive criticism, which was on point! I gave my full response on Lemmasoft as well.

Again, I'm super honored that you took the time to write such a thoughtful review of Alloys Over Flowers. Thank you! <3


Yup that is my review ^^


I enjoyed the game very much. It was very sweet and I'm glad I gave it a try!

I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Thank you very much. c:


That was really enjoyable, and probably even better with choices!

I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! The update with choices is now released, if you'd like to check it out. Thank you so much for your support :-)


I think I will thanks! Good job on writing the whole thing.


Interesting plot. I wanted to play right away but decided to wait patiently for version 1.0 to be released. xD


Thank you so much for your support! Version 1.0 is now released. :-)